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Solar Panel Installation in Nagpur

For the past several weeks, there have been reports that coal stocks with power plants across the country are about to run out. In some states, power cuts have also been started due to the coal crisis. In a country where not everyone is already getting electricity 24 hours a day, power cuts due to coal crisis are a matter of concern.

In such a time, now to deal with the problem of electricity, it is necessary that we turn to Green Energy (Solar Panel Electricity). Let us understand that in the current situation, if you want to install solar panels, then how much will you have to spend on solar panels.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels, then first of all you have to understand how big solar panels you will need. It will depend on what goes on in your house. Keeping large appliances like AC out, let’s say you have to run things like 2-3 fans, 1 fridge, 8-10 LED lights, 1 HP water motor or submersible, TV and mobile-laptop from solar panel So about 8-10 units of electricity will be needed in a day.

How big should a solar panel be installed for 8-10 units of electricity?

At present, monopark bifacial solar panels are panels of the latest technology. In this, you not only get power generation from the front, but also power generation from the back. However, the power generation from the rear is quite low. If you put together four monopark bifacial solar panels, then you will get the production of about 8-10 units of electricity per day. This solar panel will be about 2 kW. If the load of your house is more then you can install bigger solar panels accordingly. (Solar Panel Installation In Nagpur)

Monopark bifacial solar panels offer higher output than conventional poly panels, but are also more expensive. However, once spent on solar panels, there is no expenditure for about 25 years, so investing in monopark bifacial solar panels is a profitable deal.

The complete pack of Monopark Bifacial Solar Panel, which includes Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Battery and Panel Installation Structure will cost you around Rs 1.20-1.30 Lakh. Although this cost may seem much more to you than the electricity bill of a few thousand rupees, but it does not require any maintenance for 25 years.Even its batteries come with a warranty of more than 5 years. That is, if you install it, even if the stock of coal runs out or the coal mines are closed, there will be no effect on the electricity of your house. One, you will get 24 hours electricity and secondly you will not have to pay any electricity bill.

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